About Salt Spring

How big is Salt Spring Island?
Saltspring Island, the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands is 182.7 km2.  It is approximately 27 km long and 10km wide.

What is the population of Salt Spring Island?
The full time population is approximately 10,000.  In summer months that number can more than double with seasonal residents and visitors.  Saltspring has a thriving local community and sense of place with many residents having grown up on the island.

Is it “Saltspring Island” or “Salt Spring Island?”
Both are in use and considered correct.

Is there actually a salt spring?
Yes, in the north part of the island.  James Douglas, the first governor of the island in the 1850s, believed that the salt springs would bring great wealth to the Island.

What services are available on the island?
A wide range of services are available, including three building supply stores, an auto parts store and several auto garages, two full grocery stores, a health food store, several pharmacies, and three liquor stores.  There are numerous restaurants in various price ranges. Food carts have become very popular in recent years.  There is a library and a performing arts center (ArtSpring).  Lady Minto Hospital is available for medical needs. There are a number of churches and other places of spiritual observance.

Grocery Stores. Country Grocer is located in Upper Ganges and Thrifty Foods is downtown Ganges.

Liquor Stores.  There are several liquor stores in Ganges and one in Fulford.

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